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Guide to a Heart-Healthy Lifestyle

Heart Health

February is well known for being American Heart Health Month, a yearly awareness campaign created to alert people of the risk factors for heart-related illnesses and encourage them to take steps in protecting their heart. Optalis participates in various ways such as helping to educate adults on the disease and preventative ways to potentially reverse … Continue reading Guide to a Heart-Healthy Lifestyle

Staying Heart Healthy at Home

Heart Healthy Meal

Dear Tacy: My parents are both retired and starting to slow down a bit. I’m a little concerned that their more sedentary lifestyle is putting them at risk for heart problems. Do you have any tips you can share on how to keep your heart healthy as you grow older? Ruth Dear Ruth: I do! … Continue reading Staying Heart Healthy at Home

What is Congestive Heart Failure

We sat down with a local Heart Specialist about Congestive Heart Failure (CHF) to answer some of your top questions including causes, symptoms, prevention and more. Check out the questions and answers below to learn more about CHF. What causes Congestive Heart Failure? CHF represents symptoms caused by injury to the heart. The injury causes … Continue reading What is Congestive Heart Failure

Preventing Vitamin D Deficiency

What You Should Know about COVID-19

Older adults in the Midwest are at higher risk for a vitamin D deficiency during the winter than their friends in southern climates. That is because most of us spend less time outdoors during the winter. Less exposure to sunlight means the body has less opportunity to produce vitamin D naturally. More and more studies … Continue reading Preventing Vitamin D Deficiency

Assisted Living at Cranberry Park

assisted living

Are you looking for an assisted living community that combines the security of care with the comforts of home? Cranberry Park’s Assisted Living communities are the perfect place for you or your loved one. We provide assistance with daily activities in a modern, active setting that allows residents to live independent, satisfying lives. Services and … Continue reading Assisted Living at Cranberry Park

Top 10 Winter Safety Tips for Seniors

Being a family caregiver during frosty northern winters can be especially challenging. From power outages to slip and fall accidents on black ice, being prepared is key. Here are our top ten suggestions: Preparing for Winter Emergency Kit: Ice and snow storms can keep individuals stuck indoors for several days in a row. Make sure to … Continue reading Top 10 Winter Safety Tips for Seniors

Vitamin C Benefits for Seniors

Vitamin C Fruits

Vitamin C is typically associated with cold and flu season because it aides the body in fighting viruses. But it does so much more than just prevent colds, it’s also an essential nutrient in living and aging. Health Benefits Continued research shows evidence that vitamin C may help lower blood pressure as well as potential … Continue reading Vitamin C Benefits for Seniors