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Personalized Treatment for Your Recovery

Our rehabilitation centers have the therapy services you need to get back to your optimal health. We specialize in post-hospital rehabilitation and offer a variety of options to fit your needs, including inpatient and outpatient rehabilitation.

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Inpatient Rehabilitation Services at Optalis

Inpatient rehabilitation is typically for people who go from the hospital to a rehabilitation center, where they’ll work with a therapy team for parts of each day and then rest and enjoy the center’s activities for the remainder of the day.

Here’s an outline of what to expect when you stay with us:

  • An initial assessment is completed upon admission. Assessments last 30-60 minutes while therapists discuss your level of function before admission and evaluate your current status.
  • A plan of care will be established centered on your personal goals and functional abilities.
  • Therapy is offered up to seven days a week, based on your individual needs and physical condition. Therapy sessions are generally 30-90 minutes in length per discipline.
  • Therapists work with an interdisciplinary team, which includes your physician, to monitor progress and make recommendations to maximize your recovery.
  • We recommend wearing loose-fitting clothing that allows movement and proper footwear during therapy sessions.
  • In-home therapy assessments are available when appropriate.

What’s the average length of stay for rehab?

Outpatient Rehabilitation Services at Optalis

Outpatient rehabilitation is for people who need some type of physical, occupational, or speech therapy but can live at home while traveling to a rehabilitation center to receive services. Other outpatient treatments could include:

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Assistance with balance

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Pain management

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Eating or swallowing assistance

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Self-care challenges with bathing or dressing

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Urinary incontinence

Outpatient vs. Inpatient Rehab

To start with the basics, the main difference between outpatient and inpatient rehab is where the patient receives the necessary physical, speech, or occupational therapy. In outpatient rehab, you can come in for your therapy session, receive services, then return home.

With inpatient rehab, you stay within the community until you’re ready to return home. You receive therapy on campus, while enjoying a variety of services and amenities.

A quick note: You’ll also hear inpatient rehab referred to as post-hospital inpatient rehab, because typically it’s for people who need a little more help recovering after a hospital stay.

Pre-Surgery Reservations

If you are considering or have scheduled surgery and would like to plan for your recovery needs, we recommend making a pre-surgery reservation at one of our communities.

When you make a pre-surgery room reservation, there is no financial obligation should your surgery be canceled or postponed. Knowing what to expect and that your room and medical team will be ready and waiting for you will allow you to feel more confident and at ease as a surgical patient.

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