Service At Our Centers

Skilled Nursing

As you plan your post-hospital care, it’s good to know the most advanced medical treatment, comfort, and compassion can be found in one place—at an Optalis Health & Rehabilitation Center. No matter which of our convenient locations you choose – expect unrivaled access to the expertise, experience, and resources unlike anywhere else in Metro Detroit.


Optalis is happy to announce the acquisition of 7 new facilities in the Columbus, Ohio, area. We are excited to bring our expertise, profound compassion, and leadership in senior healthcare to the already excellent team of Therapists and Nurses in Ohio to help expand the care in Rehabilitation, Assisted Living, Long-Term Care, Skilled Nursing, and Respite Care. We believe outstanding healthcare begins with a sincere commitment to service and a strong emphasis on individualized care.

Optalis is proud to have the U.S. News & World Report and Newsweek include our facilities in their lists of Best Short-Term Rehabilitaiton.