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Post Rehab Tips for Your Parent

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You’ve been through the hospitalization process and the transition to rehab with your loved one. You’ve helped your parent navigate their recovery journey, and now they’re back on their feet and ready to return home. So now what? What Comes After Senior Living Rehab? If you’re wondering what comes after your parent is discharged from… Read more »

Open Enrollment: Who, What, Why and How

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Many find that working your way through the Medicare Open Enrollment process for the first time can be very daunting! Seniors are bombarded with information by mail and even on television commercials but what information is actually necessary for open enrollment? Here’s a quick overview of what you should know to help make the most… Read more »

Providing Long-Distance Care for My Aging Parent

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Providing care for a loved one from afar doesn’t have to be a challenge. With these tips, you can develop a meaningful long-distance caregiving relationship with your parent or loved one that will be rewarding for everyone. Let’s get started! What is Long-Distance Caregiving? Providing care from a distance of more than an hour is… Read more »

Hospital to Home: Prevent Rehospitalization

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My uncle, who I am a guardian for, is in the hospital. In addition to having surgery to repair his broken leg, he has Alzheimer’s disease. He has been living with my wife and me for about a year now. We were having a tough time managing his care before the fall that caused his… Read more »

Historical Places Around Columbus for Seniors

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Looking for interesting places to go in the Columbus, Ohio area? There are so many places to choose from that we’ve narrowed it down to historical sites. Step back in time and explore roads to the past at any one of these eight Columbus area historical places that are perfect for seniors and older adults!… Read more »

Comparing Costs of Assisted Living vs. Living at Home

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Are you or a loved one having some trouble living independently at home? Are you starting to consider assisted living as an option? If so, you likely want to find the right care, but you also want to know how much each option is going to cost before you make any final decisions. Comparing costs… Read more »

Staying Connected in a Physical Rehab Center

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During your stay in a post-hospital rehabilitation center, you may find it challenging to keep in touch with your friends and family. To keep your spirits up and your crowd of well-wishers informed, we have some unique ways to communicate with your loved ones while you’re in rehab we’d like to share. Unique, Easy Ways to… Read more »

Life in an Assisted Living Community

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We are getting ready to move my mother into an assisted living community, and she’s very apprehensive. She doesn’t like change anyway, and even though we toured the community, she’s not sure what life will be like once she moves in. Can you give us an idea? Sincerely, Freda What to Expect in Assisted Living… Read more »

Inpatient vs. Outpatient Rehab

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I have a question about inpatient rehab versus outpatient rehab. My husband recently came down with a bad case of pneumonia. He had to be hospitalized and while he’s making progress, he’s not yet back to his old strength. When he stands, I’m worried he’ll fall because he’s still a little shaky. His doctor wants… Read more »