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Transitioning from Assisted Living to Long-Term Care

There’s a lot of talk about how to handle transitioning your loved one from home to assisted living—but what about from assisted living to long-term care? After all, it’s a fairly common transition that many seniors eventually face. As Paula Span writes in an article on assisted living for the New York Times, “however suitable assisted living … Continue reading Transitioning from Assisted Living to Long-Term Care

Importance of Pain Management

Pain Management

Everyone has a different pain threshold so they react differently. Doctors sometimes have a tough time finding the right balance between too much pain medication and too little. And with addiction rates nationwide on the rise, no physician wants to put a patient at risk. While it will be very important for you to work … Continue reading Importance of Pain Management

Home Hazards for Seniors

Home Hazards for Seniors

My 82-year-old mother-in-law lives alone in a house she has owned for over 30 years. While we live near her, my husband and my work schedules and our kids’ many extracurricular activities make it difficult to check in on her more than a few times a week. She is very determined to remain independent in … Continue reading Home Hazards for Seniors

Importance of Good Oral Hygiene

I’ve noticed more and more commercials for oral hygiene products making the claim that poor oral care can lead to health problems. They especially seem to be saying it is linked to heart disease. We have a long history of cardiac illnesses in my family and I’m trying hard to prevent that from happening to … Continue reading Importance of Good Oral Hygiene