Sharing a Room in Long-Term Care: A Resident’s Perspective

seniors playing a game

Meet Craig, a veteran long-term care resident and community staple of our Monterey location.

When visiting, you can often find Craig tending to the plants and animals in the courtyard, exercising his passion for gardening. He sat down for a visit and shared his many experiences as a long-term care resident, plus what you can expect when choosing Optalis as home.

A Resident’s Perspective: My Experiences in Long-Term Care

When asked about his long-term care experience, Craig openly shared his responses about Optalis and how he continually choses Optalis for the best quality of care. Read Craig’s insights below.

The Long-Term Care Experience
The experience is what you make it. Keep an open mind, especially with roommates. The pairing of roommates is key and the staff at Optalis work hard at creating good relationships between roommates.

It’s important to stay connected and active, I’ve made a lot of good friends during my time here. The staff here come to work with care and compassion. To them, it’s not just a paycheck. When you’re here a long time you get to know the staff and residents very well.

Sharing a Semi-Private Room
Sharing a room has never been a concern of mine. I have always shared a room since living at Optalis and my experience has been pleasant. My current roommate is one of the best I’ve ever had! We give one another mutual respect, which even includes asking if the television is too loud.

 What Activities Do You and Your Roommate Enjoy?
Although my roommate is limited in what he can do, we enjoy attending the weekly church services together and I continually encourage him to participate in what he can. This winter, we are planning to do a puzzle together.

What Has the Experience of Sharing a Room Been?
I enjoy being connected with people. Sharing a room with my current roommate, it makes that easier. I like to encourage others to take advantage of what Optalis has to offer in order to make their experience the best it can possibly be.

What Happens When There’s Roommate Conflict?
The staff will mediate the situation. If roommates do not get along they will work to change rooms and roommates. Personally, I have never had to change rooms or roommates due to conflict. I adapt to the situation. You’ll find kindness, being courteous and offering respect go a long way.

Why Optalis?
I initially chose the Monterey location to be close to Grove City, for a central location to my family so they could easily visit me. I continued to come back after each of my hospital stays because I created a lot of friendships with other residents and staff.

What Amenities Do You Enjoy Most?
I enjoy the courtyard the most. I am able to garden and watch the family of ducks. I also enjoy the weekly church services and other activities regularly. I have my own hobbies, too, that include genealogy, writing a book, watching movies, and staying connected with people on Facebook and email.

Experience the Optalis Difference

At Optalis, our long-term care provides for those in need of support with daily care activities. Our staff is here to provide the necessary level of care for your loved one.

The Optalis difference is one you hear residents like Craig speak about. Our staff and residents are one family that enjoys each other’s company and companionship daily. With our long-term care amenities, hospitality and activities our residents remain active and live a life of comfort.

See what Craig’s excitement is all about and discover the Optalis difference today!