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Fire Safety Resources for Seniors

October is National Fire Prevention Awareness Month. For older adults, the risk of being harmed or fatally injured in a fire is more than double that of younger adults. When a senior reaches the age of 85 their risk climbs to nearly five times higher. That means that while seniors make up only 13% of… Read more »

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Is this Alzheimer’s?

A concern we frequently hear from family caregivers is that they don’t know how to tell if the changes they see in the person they care for are a normal part of aging or Alzheimer’s disease. Loved ones often rush to the conclusion that their family member has Alzheimer’s when they exhibit one of the behaviors… Read more »

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The Emotional Side of De-Cluttering

We previously shared tips to help those who may be helping a senior loved one de-clutter their home. We focused on how to get started and shared tips for making the process go more smoothly. Now let’s tackle the emotional side of downsizing. Listening and Sharing Memories as You De-Clutter a Senior’s Home As you work… Read more »

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Dealing with Emotional Loss

I am the primary caregiver for my aunt. She is my late-mother’s sister, and we have always been close to her. A few months ago, her husband of almost 50 years passed away unexpectedly, leaving her on her own for the first time. Within a few weeks of his funeral, we realized she just isn’t… Read more »

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Questions to Ask at a Senior Rehab Care Conference

When someone is staying at an inpatient rehab center, it’s natural for their loved ones to want to be kept in the loop and informed of their parent’s or loved one’s progress. Family communication at a physical therapy center is a vital part of the healing process. A good rehab center will make sure it’s easy for you… Read more »

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Transitioning Home After a Rehab Stay

Hello: Our dad is just finishing up a stay in a rehab center and will be discharged home soon. It’s been a long road for him since he had his stroke, and we want to make sure we do everything we can to help him make a smooth transition back to his house. Do you… Read more »

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Guide to a Heart-Healthy Lifestyle

February is well known for being American Heart Health Month, a yearly awareness campaign created to alert people of the risk factors for heart-related illnesses and encourage them to take steps in protecting their heart. Optalis participates in various ways such as helping to educate adults on the disease and preventative ways to potentially reverse… Read more »

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Staying Heart Healthy at Home

Dear Tacy: My parents are both retired and starting to slow down a bit. I’m a little concerned that their more sedentary lifestyle is putting them at risk for heart problems. Do you have any tips you can share on how to keep your heart healthy as you grow older? Ruth Dear Ruth: I do!… Read more »

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How’s the Food in Rehab?

My mother is having her knee replaced, and she will be staying at an Optalis rehabilitation facility to recover. However, she is an extremely picky eater. I’m concerned she won’t like the food and will be miserable during her stay. Yours Truly, Cynthia Choose the Food You Like at Rehabilitation Centers Dear Cynthia, Your mother… Read more »