Give us your input

Give us your input

When it comes to evaluating our performance, there is rarely anything more effective than your feedback. At Woodward Hills, we collectively strive to deliver Five-Star rated care and amenities. In an ongoing effort to perform at the highest satisfaction level, we ask that you take a moment and share your thoughts.

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Thank you for your constructive feedback, our team greatly appreciates your valued input.

Feb, 2020
We recently visited Woddward Hills and were so very pleased to see this state of the art facility with very professional staff offering tremendous support, help and care with a big smile to the residents and their families. Highly recommend this for everyone looking for a trustworthy place for the elderly. Very impressive.

David E.
May25, 2019
I was a Patient here for 20 Days in July 2017. When I came in I could not even stand or walk because my legs were so weak. When I left there I walked out the front door. The Woodward Hills is without a doubt the best one of its kind in Southeast Michigan. The whole staff is awesome, from the kitchen staff to the Nursing Assistants, Nursing and Doctors are very Friendly and polite as well as knowledgeable. I can tell you that the Physical Therapy and the Occupational Therapy team are in my mind the best in the business. I will be eternally grateful to them for helping me as much as they did. Thank You again!!!

Chris Christopher
May, 2019
I am a current patient at Woodward receiving therapy after surgery. I have liked everything. The nurses, the aides, the dinners. I feel like everyone has responded to whatever I needed. The therapists were exceptional and knowledgable. I would rather be home, but if I had to come back to a facility for care, I would want to come back here. I am going home this week and will miss many of the staff.

Heather Jamison
March 5, 2018
This is the only facility I would consider for a family member. If you are looking for really good rehab and kind staff Woodward Hills is the place!

Cathy Elizabeth
February 13,2018
My mom recently had an exceptional stay at Woodward Hills! From the moment we met with the Guest Registration staff, to meeting with the social worker planning her discharge home, our experience was amazing. My mom had a nasty fall which resulted in a head injury. The therapists were so accommodating and so understanding when working with her…she can be stubborn! But with persistence and lots of patience she did get the therapy she required to return to her home safely. Nursing was also very understanding of her pain and reached out to the doctors several times to make proper adjustments. My mom also enjoyed the meals from the “Bistro Menu” – a nice change from the usual fair!

January 30, 2018
Recently my mother in law was admitted to Woodward Hills following a leg fracture. From the moment we arrived, the staff gave her a warm welcome and made her feel at home. She had a beautiful room looking out into the woods where she enjoyed watching the wildlife. She often delays going to the doctor, let alone being inpatient at a facility, but the staffs warm attitude and accommodations made her feel at home. Our family is so thankful for the wonderful care she received from all the staff. Her therapy was top notch and allowed her to return home with the independence that means so much to her. Although she continued to have a leg immobilizer, the therapy staff worked diligently with her to create a plan to allow her mobility, while continuing to heal. Upon discharge, she stated that she was going to miss all the wonderful meals she had. She continues to speak fondly of the staff members who provided her care and thankfully her recent follow up appointment showed the fracture to be completely healed. We are very thankful to all that the Woodward Hills team did to help along her recovery. Keep doing what you do because you are making a difference every day.

January 31, 2018
I had my father at Woodward Hills, for one year. He received great care in a clean facility with excellent food. Compared to other facilities he was in Woodward Hills was exemplary. My mother in law is currently a resident, and our family is once again impressed with her care.