Respiratory Therapy


Treatment and Management

Our therapists work diligently to treat the underlying causes of your condition while improving the work of breathing with supplemental oxygen.

Short-term treatment

The therapist will develop a short-term treatment plan to continue to wean residents down to safe levels of oxygen so they can be discharged safely to the comfort of their own homes. We have expertise in successfully capping and decannulating tracheostomy residents.

Longer-term residents

Long-Term residents who have received medical treatment for 30 days or longer due to a chronic illness or medical condition are provided the same clinical expertise and attention from all our staff and therapists.

Patient benefits of receiving Evergreen respiratory care Improves overall care with the potential to:

  • Improve oxygenation
  • Improve lung volumes
  • Improve the ability to speak and enjoy meals
  • Decrease the work of breathing
  • Enhance patient comfort and tolerance
  • Learn different breathing techniques

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