Patient and Family Communication in Rehab

nurse and a family looking over paperwork

Dear Kara:

My mom will need inpatient rehab after she is discharged from the hospital. Her physician feels like she needs it to continue her recovery. This whole area is new to us. We aren’t quite sure how communication is handled or what to expect next and at each stage of her rehab.

Can you please share more information with us on the process of transitioning to a short-term rehab center and how we will know what progress she is making and when she will be discharged?


Patient & Family Communication at a Short-term Rehab Center

Dear Meeghan:

Good question! And one many families ask when a loved one is hospitalized for an illness or an injury or is planning for a surgery.

Here is an overview of what you should expect when you choose Whetstone Care Center for short-term rehab and how we handle communication:

  • Preadmission: While your mother is still in the hospital, we are busy working with her care team to make sure we are ready for her arrival. This means we talk with them about the type of care your mom needs so we can have everything in place for her arrival. From durable medical equipment to medication and any special dietary needs, we will be prepared for her arrival.
  • Admission: On the day she moves from the hospital to Whetstone Gardens, we work hard to ensure the transition goes smoothly. Each of our management team members will stop in and introduce themselves to your family. This helps you know who to contact if you have any questions throughout your mother’s stay. We will review the daily schedule with you and your mom, as well as help her get oriented to the features and amenities in her room. Finally, we will have a care conference with your family and our key care team members including the therapy manager, social worker and nurse unit manager. At that time we will review the plan of care, talk about her therapy goals and her therapy schedule, answer any questions about insurance coverage and begin to discuss her discharge plan with you.
  • During Rehab: Throughout your mother’s rehab stay with us, I will maintain contact with her and with your family. I will relay details about her progress in therapy, discuss nursing care needs, update you on any changes in insurance coverage, and more. We will also work with you to schedule another care conference.
  • Discharge Plans: Once a discharge date is determined, I will notify you and your mom. Then we can start discussing and making arrangements for any durable medical equipment she might need at home, talking about home care and outpatient therapy options, and coordinating plans for the actual day of discharge.
  • Post Discharge: After your mother has safely transitioned home, I will continue to check in with her to make sure she understands her discharge instructions and is able to follow them. We can also talk about any questions or concerns your mom or the family have as she adjusts to being independent and on her own again.

I hope this information is helpful to you, Meeghan. You are always welcome to contact me with any additional questions you or your mother might have.

Kind Regards,

Kara Beamish