Can My Mom and Dad Stay Together?

couple looking at each other smiling forehead to forehead

Dear Sarah,

My mom and dad have been together for more than 40 years. Last year, Mom had a stroke, and now, she has difficulty walking, bathing, dressing and even eating.

Dad’s done a terrific job of taking care of her, but we can tell it’s becoming more and more difficult for him. He’s already told me he’s concerned he’ll fall while he’s trying to help her.

We’ve tried everything to help them stay in their homes. Right now, we have home health care aides coming in four hours a day (their minimum), and Mom doesn’t need that much. We’ve also contracted for someone to mow the lawn, shovel the snow, and do odd jobs. The costs are mounting, and I’m not sure Mom and Dad are any safer or happier.

They’ve never been separated, and we’re concerned about the effect on Dad if Mom went to a nursing home.

Can you help us?




Dear Joseph,

I can read in your letter the heartbreak you and your family are going through. Many families just like yours are struggling to find solutions to keep their parents together, healthy, and safe.

There is an alternative to a nursing home for your mother. Your parents can stay together in a private assisted living suite at Cranberry Park at Mill Run – Assisted Living. Just like they do in their home, they can lock the doors when they want privacy, and they can come and go as they like.

Your mother can receive the care she needs when she needs it. For example, if she has difficulty getting up, bathing and dressing in the morning, one of our professional certified aides will come in—at a time of your parents’ choosing—to help her.

The aide will stay no longer than necessary to assure your mother’s comfort and safety—no minimums. However, if your mother needs more help, we can easily provide it. And, because we offer skilled nursing, our professional nurses are available 24 hours a day.

Mill Run is part of the MacIntosh Company, so we can help if your mother requires skilled nursing, rehabilitation, and memory care, too. Our goal is to find the best solution for your parents and you.

Mill Run Assisted Living provides more than daily care for your parents. Although there’s a kitchenette in the apartment, your parents don’t ever need to cook. They can enjoy nutritious meals specifically concocted to appeal to aging tastebuds in our dining room in the company of our vivacious, friendly residents. They can even get snacks and room service when they want.

They can also participate in activities, including classes such as painting and cooking. The barber shop and beauty salon are in the same building, as is the laundry. They can join other residents listening to live entertainment and performers, participating in learning events or visiting nearby attractions. They can schedule transportation to their doctor’s office if they’d like.

There are many other services we offer at Mill Run, but in the interest of brevity, I’d recommend you and your parents visit us here. You can call us at (614) 527-3000 for a tour or more information.


Sarah Dixon
Market Development Specialist