Hospitality & Amenities

Hospitality & Amenities

Greenfield balances individualized care and personal comfort to ensure the quality of life. Our beautiful facility features a wide range of accommodation options, a fine dining plaza, meticulously manicured grounds, a hair salon, and many other amenities. Our Certified Recreational Therapists offer a full calendar of activities and programs for your personal fulfillment. Designed around a “community living” concept, enjoy a relaxed, compassionate environment ideally suited to your physical and mental wellbeing.


You are sure to enjoy the dining experience at Greenfield. We are proud of our nutritious and appetizing meals. Featuring a creative menu based on resident feedback, your meal can be enjoyed in our beautifully decorated dining room or, if you prefer to dine in your room, we will be happy to provide you with in-room dining.

We offer delicious seasonal menus which feature cold, fresh fruits and salads in the summer and hot, hearty stews in the winter. We plan special meals celebrating holidays and our diverse ethnic backgrounds. Many of our meals are home-cooked, including our soups which are a resident favorite. We give special attention to individualized preferences by providing all our guests with a select menu and write-on options, as well as frequent visits from our team of Clinical Dietitians.

Recreation Therapy

Greenfield creates a vibrant living environment that speaks to your individual interests. Certified Recreational Therapists plan and facilitate exciting programs that appeal to your intellectual, cultural, creative and spiritual needs. From discussion groups, exercise sessions, a gardening club, pet therapy visits, and recreational activities, to live entertainment and community outings, there is truly something for everyone!

At Greenfield, we champion choice and independence backed by personal assistance, allowing you to maximize your potential and live life to the fullest.