MacIntosh Moments to Celebrate Employees

We are so excited to share this news with you!

If you have been in one of our centers recently, you may have noticed a new logo and signage floating around about MacIntosh Moments! But what is “MacIntosh Moments”? We’re glad you asked!

MacIntosh Moments

Within our company, we strive to uphold our promise to provide the utmost personalized, uncompromised, healthcare which is carried through our outstanding staff. As of February 3rd, our  width=new employee recognition program, MacIntosh Moments, is live! This new program will focus on recognizing all staff members that exceed expectations in upholding our promise and creating MacIntosh Moments, in turn, inspiring our staff to create a difference within our centers for residents, families and other staff members. We hope you feel this difference when visiting or staying with us and strongly encourage you to join us in keeping an eye out for staff members making these special moments, helping us recognize and celebrate them.

How it works

There are nomination cards placed throughout each center and a special recognition box located near each entrance where you may place your completed nomination cards!  All nominated staff members will be recognized weekly and will then have the opportunity to be chosen as Employee of the Month. As part of their recognition, we will be announcing each one through our social media channels as well as in the monthly MAC News.

Be ready to spot a MacIntosh Moment and stay tuned for the February Employee of the Month in the March edition of MAC News.