With decades of experience, Optalis Healthcare is a proven leader in the industry. Combining their expertise in geriatric care with their profound compassion has led to providing exceptional care across the Metro area. It is our belief that outstanding healthcare begins with a sincere commitment to service, and a strong emphasis on individualized care. Optalis residents experience unparalleled care, luxurious amenities, and security.

Mission Statement

The facility multidisciplinary team will provide to our residents, families, and guests the highest quality of service on each encounter. Our commitment to excellence is evident in our state-of-the-art Health & Rehabilitation Centers. Our professional team will deliver all aspects of service in accordance with our performance standards of education, nurture, respect, integrity, compliance, and honesty.


Education: We will provide to the resident, family and guest the accurate information clarifying the services to be provided and the expected outcome of service.

Nurture: We will assist all of our customers with prompt and caring service, striving to exceed the customer expectations.

Respect: We will treat everyone—the resident, family, guest and co-worker—with dignity.

Integrity: We will adhere to moral and ethical principles with consistency of actions, values, measures, principles and expectations to create positive outcomes.

Compliance: We will have the courage to identify what may not be right and the strength to be accountable in our actions by holding all information regarding the resident, family, guest and co-worker in strict confidence.

Honesty: We will address the customer’s concerns with empathy, knowing that our words and actions will make a difference.